who i am

{  wife  }

Two of my boys

I’ve been married to husband Bob, editor of the local newspaper, for 6+ years. When it comes to writing, we generally agree on the destination, but get there in two totally different ways. When it comes to life…we don’t always agree on the destination, but we go there together anyway. 

{  mom  }

Brotherly love: Eli, stepson Drew, and Dawson.

Rarely do words fail me, but when it comes to being a mom…part of it is sheer, overwhelming, hard-to-describe emotion that I know I will never do justice to with mere printed word. The other part is sheer exhaustion that comes from chasing two rambunctious boys. Either way…words fail me here. 

{  writer  }

Photo by Bob

At some point in their young lives, almost all little girls dream of becoming a princess. I  wanted to grow up to be a princess, but I wanted to be a princess who wrote stories. This dream was almost crushed when I lost the second round of the all-school spelling bee in 6th grade with “s-c-a-r-e-c-i-t-y.” I eventually recovered enough to continue writing, but I never entered another spelling bee.

{  editor  }

I became an editor because it paid more. Really. It does. My heart has always been in crafting words, but I found a certain satisfaction in helping others learn to improve their craft as well. I’ve served as a features editor, an online managing editor, and a targeted/niche publications editing manager. 


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