Halfway Home

In May 2010, our family of five moved into a new house that is literally four times the size of our previous cottage existence. Ever since, we’ve been working diligently to make it feel like home.

The thing about me and decorating is…nothing is ever finished. Even when I think it’s finished, I am changing things up a month later. Perpetual decorating is probably a good term to apply here, and yes, it drives my husband bananas.

So our home — our life — is pretty much a work in progress, always. And that’s just the way I like it.

Here’s a peek at some recent projects. Unfortunately, the to-do list is much longer than the done list.

Front entry

Front hallway. Primitive bench from Annie Laurie's Antiques in Cape Girardeau; photo art courtesy of my husband, Bob; soda crates recycled (AKA snatched) from my dad's garage.

Upstairs living room

Eli showcases the comfort and durability of the livingroom throw pillows (navy striped pillows by American Living, from JC Penney); yellow graphic print pillows hand-made from Etsy.

Dining room

The current formal dining room used to be a formal living room. Still needs lot of work; planning on installing new hardwood eventually. Maybe opening the room up to the living room? As it stands, I painted the walls (Sea Shell Gray from Valspar throughout the upstairs rooms) and moved furniture in. Still haven't hung all of the artwork on the walls. Loving the mustard color I painted the small china cabinet (A steal at $20; my dad picked it up for me at a used furniture store).

Dining room

Mismatched painted chairs also courtesy of my dad, via one of the many auctions he attends (geez...remind me to send him a big thank-you card.) The chairs were all varying shades of brown and covered in some pretty nasty fabric. I painted them white, and reupholstered in a pretty paisley from Hobby Lobby.

Those free chairs

Another look at those auction chairs from my dad (did I mention how awesome my dad is?)

My thrifty bench

I found a similar bench from Pottery Barn for more $300+. I decided I could build my own, and by "build me own" I mean convince my sweet hubbie to do it. Which he did, for under $60. I loved the length (6 feet). I used three colors of paint -- black, gray and white -- and distressed the paint job and the corners using my sander.

About that trunk…

A few weeks ago, my dad (yeah, him again...notice a pattern) dragged this trunk out of storage. It was disgustingly dirty, and covered in ripped canvas. I used a razor blade to removed the canvas, and then watered down some leftover white paint to cover the exposed (and water damaged) wood. I may eventually stick legs on it and use it as a coffee table.


A peek at the uber cool plaid couch (from Annie Laurie's, of course) in our den (which used to be the dining room). The boys made fun of me when I brought this cutie home, but more often than not, you will find them sprawled on it watching TV or just hanging out while I work on my laptop. And I do mean ALL the boys...from Bob to the teenager to the toddlers.

Breakfast room


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